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Integrated Therapeutic Healing

We are a holistic Physical Therapy and Wellness private practice.  Patty’s practice began when she learned that people were seeking health care in alternative methods.  Her passion for helping others that wanted to learn how to help themselves has become her mission.  

“My non-traditional approach to providing physical therapy is a means to reach out to others in the community that may not be getting the type of care they want or have not achieved satisfactory results.” 

Patty Abrigo-Naidenoff, MSPT

Owner, Holistic Physical Therapist, Yoga Instructor

Physical therapist showing a student therapeutic yoga pose

What to Expect From Us

We provide comprehensive solutions for all your wellness needs. 

Pain Management

Solutions to pain and mobility problems without medications, injections and other costly interventions


Collaboration with all wellness providers including massage therapists, personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, nurse practitioners, physicians, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and coaches.

Assess & Treat

Assessments are focused on finding the root cause of the problem, differential diagnosing, and formulating treatment plans that are based on evidence and research. One-on-one sessions for a custom experience at each visit.

"I no longer wobble while standing on one leg! With the help of Patty, I was able to regain balance and deal with equilibrium issues after having a tumor removed from my middle ear. Now, I can now do all the things I love, safely and effectively, including yoga, bc Patty helped me."
Nora K.
Physical Therapy
"I attended one of Patty's Posture Matters Classes and learned so much! I highly recommend going!"
Tammy S.
"You’re the only one that has offered solutions besides for meds, injections and surgery."
Jay N.
Physical Therapy

We are here for you

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Integrated Therapeutic Healing

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Erie, Huron and Ottawa Counties - Ohio

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Movement can replace many drugs, but no drug can replace movement. 

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